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Gilroy Gardens

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Slumber Party
Slumber Party

All-New Friday Night FUN!

Play in the Park After Dark | Just $30

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Slumber Party

Water Oasis, Rides & Much, Much More!

Gil & Roy have a big back yard and are hosting the biggest back yard party ever! Come on Friday nights (through September 22) from 5-10pm to enjoy your favorite park attractions plus special games, food, and activities.

This all-new Friday night experience is just $30 when you buy tickets online. Value Members pay a discounted rate of $15 at the gate. Premium Members get in FREE (and can bring a friend FREE too).

For the ultimate adventure, upgrade to the Sleepover Package to spend the night under the stars and then wake up to breakfast and a full day of fun on Saturday!

Friday Night: 5pm-10pm
Sleepover: 10pm-8am
Saturday: 10am-6pm

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Gil & Roy are hosting a great big slumber party in their great big back yard...and YOU'RE invited! You can choose to come for just Friday night, or sleep over for the full slumber party experience.

Friday Night Only

Prefer to sleep in your own bed at night? You can still join in all the Friday night fun in the park from 5-10pm. Through 9/22/23 only.

  • $35 at front gate
  • $30 online
  • $15 for 2023 Value Members (available at front gate)
  • FREE for 2023 and 2024 Premium Members (and you can bring a friend for FREE!) 
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Friday Night + All Day Saturday

For the ultimate slumber party experience, enjoy all the Friday night fun, then sleep under the stars and wake up to breakfast and all-day adventures in the park on Saturday!

  • Online: Adults $95 | Child/Sr $85
  • 2023 and 2024 Premium Members: Adults $75 | Child/Sr $65