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Gilroy Gardens

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Water Oasis

Closed for the Season- Reopens Next Spring!

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A Cool Way to Play

Water Oasis has gotten a WHOLE LOT bigger.  Cool off in an oasis surrounded by palm trees nestled in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Open May 3rd - September 22nd.

Water Slides

Zoom down 3 new twisty slides- big enough even for Mom and Dad to try!  With a combined slide path length of 384.4 feet- they're longer than a standard football field! 

Brave the Bucket

Wait for it...this giant bucket of water counts down to a super splash.  When time runs out- a waterfall of water is dumped onto everyone it's way.

The Original Oasis

Chill out in the Lagoon wading pool, cool off underneath giant spraying flowers at the Splashpad, and discover the Water Journey where even the youngest children can learn and direct the flow of water with levers to learn how water flows from the hills, down streams to the ocean.