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Gilroy Gardens

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Super-Sized Splashes

The Expansion features bigger slides for bigger kids—and more super splashy fun for everyone (including moms and dads)! You can zoom down twisty water slides, get drenched under a giant tipping bucket, and have a blast (literally) playing with 90 water jets and play features.

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Gentle Water Play for Little Ones

The Original features three distinct water play areas for our youngest guests. "Chill out" in the shallow Lagoon wading pool, take a gentle flower shower at the Splashpad, and experiment with the ways water flows at Water Journey. Moms and Dads can stay close by in comfy beach chairs under the swaying palm trees.

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Slip Sliding Away

At the Expansion you'll find three big twisty water slides and a fourth straight chute that are just right for bigger kids—and grownups too. Combined, there's more than 380 feet (longer than a football field!) of exciting slippy-slidey fun.

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Brave the Bucket

3...2...1...splashdown! This giant bucket of water counts down to a super splash. When time runs out, a waterfall of 300 gallons of water is dumped onto everyone standing below. It's a great way to cool off in the summer heat. Are YOU ready to brave the bucket?

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Cabana Rental

A Place to Chill Out

Reserve a comfy cabana to serve as your family's "home base" and a place to relax during a full day of fun in the sun! Each cabana accommodates up to 8 guests, with private lounge seating and moveable poolside chairs as well as 4 towels, a mobile charging outlet, and a refrigerator stocked with Coca-Cola products. You can even order food to be delivered directly to your lounge chair!