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Gilroy Gardens

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Our Mission Statement

Gilroy Gardens, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational institution whose mission is to educate and inspire families, especially children, to appreciate horticulture and the importance of trees in our lives by providing fun and memories in a beautiful garden setting.

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Volunteer Board of Directors

A Board of Directors guides the decision making for the development, maintenance, and operation of our unique park. The goal is to return a percentage of annual revenues back into the beautification and preservation of the property and facilities for Gilroy's Parks and Recreational use. The Board is specifically challenged to find public works projects to initiate and/or support those that follow the ideals of preservation, stewardship and ecology for which our theme park stands.

  • Greg Edgar—Chairman
  • Jay Baksa—Treasurer
  • Jane Howard—Secretary
  • Dan Harney—Community Director
  • Robert Oneto—Community Director
  • Steve Peat—Community Director
  • Carol Marques—Council Member
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Michael's Vision

Park creator and builder...

Michael Bonfante's vision - his love of plants and trees, and his commitment to pass this appreciation on through the generations - continues to inspire everyone who works and volunteers at Gilroy Gardens.

The trustees aspire to make use of the extraordinary beauty of Gilroy Gardens to attract students to the science of horticulture and environmental studies. We aspire to demonstrate and measure our success in becoming the best center in California for attracting and educating students in the critical importance of becoming good stewards of the natural environment. We aspire to be the best promoters of careers in horticulture and environmental studies in the United States.

In this age of burgeoning awareness of environmental crisis, understanding our dependence on flora is necessary for our survival. Educating youth in science and environmental studies is now a national priority. Gilroy Gardens intends to be a leader in that mission.

The teaching of environmental stewardship will be done in affiliation with schools, colleges and universities, and will couple Gilroy Gardens' ability to provide a highly attractive, enjoyable learning environment with the standards for horticultural and environmental studies curricula of the state. Gilroy Gardens will be recognized as the premier horticultural living lab for schools, colleges, and the community in the United States.

We will continue to support Gilroy Gardens with public entrance fees and through grants from local, regional, state and national governments, and private foundations to expand the quantity and quality of educational projects. Many of these educational projects will be in partnership with schools and colleges. The promotion of careers in horticulture and environmental sciences will be funded by corporations, private foundations and government institutions.