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Gilroy Gardens

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Blurry image with Fast Lane logo
Blurry image with Fast Lane logo

Get in the Fast Lane

Choose between Single Day and All-Season!

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Single-Day Fast Lane

Make the most of your day with a Fast Lane wristband that allows you to bypass the lines on more than 20 of your favorite rides! 

Not valid for Water Oasis. Valid for ONE (1)Fast Lane wristband any one public operating day through December 31, 2023.

Price per individual $30.00
When you buy 3 or more $25.00 each, plus applicable taxes and fees
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ALL-Season Fast Lane

Zoom to the front of the line on your favorite rides all season long! This is an all-new option available exclusively to 2023 Premium and Value Members. Buy now and enjoy all season long! Limited quantities available.

Please note that you must already be a 2023 Value or Premium Member at Gilroy Gardens to purchase. Valid for ONE (1)  Fast Lane per cardholder during each visit. Fast Lane benefits are valid for duration of  2023 membership.

Price per Member $100.00 each, plus applicable taxes and fees