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Gilroy Gardens

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Two kids sitting under basket circus tree

Members Make the Most Memories.

Time goes by so fast when your kids are young. Become a Gilroy Gardens member now and make memories that will last for a lifetime! Value Members enjoy free regular season visits—while Premium Members also get unlimited admission to all special events plus free parking, Bring-a-Friend-Free Fridays, in-park discounts, exclusive experiences, and more.

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guests coming into park through bridge

Special Celebrations All Year Long

Big Things are Blooming in 2023

In addition to all the gorgeous gardens and fun rides, check out these super-special events:

  • Gil & Roy's Slumber Party
  • 4th of July Weekend
  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Halloween - The Great Big Boo!
  • Veterans Day Weekend
  • North Pole Nights
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Family Camp Nights
  • Natural Science Days

Most events (except Camp Nights and Natural Science Days) are FREE for Premium Members.

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Share Your #GilroyGardens Precious Memories With Us!

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