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Gilroy Gardens

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Gilroy Gardens
Gilroy Gardens
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We're Going Cashless!

Faster. Easier. Safer. 

At Gilroy Gardens, we want you to have the safest and most relaxing day with your friends and family. That’s why we've moved to all cashless payments throughout the entire park. Simply swipe or tap your credit card, debit card or smart device with Apple Pay or Google Pay where you would normally use cash. It’s faster, safer, convenient and always secure.

No card? No problem! At our Cash-to-Card Kiosks, you can convert your cash into a prepaid debit card you can use anywhere that accepts prepaid cards – not just inside the park - with no fees. It’s easy and FREE!

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Is there a fee to use the kiosks ?

There are no fees to convert your cash to a prepaid card and no fees to use the card in or outside the park. As long as the card is used regularly, no monthly fees will apply. After 92 consecutive days of no transaction activity, however, a $3.95 fee will be charged each month.

How much cash can I put onto a prepaid card? 

Up to $500 can be loaded on a card. Minimum amount is $5.

How can I check the amount I have left on my card? 

The balance on the prepaid card can be checked at a Cash-to-Card kiosk, online at or by calling the number found on the back of the card.

Can I reload the prepaid card from the Cash-to-Card kiosk? 

Prepaid cards are not reloadable. A new card would need to be loaded at the kiosk after depletion. 

Where can I use the prepaid card from Cash-to-Card kiosk?

Cash-to-Card prepaid cards can be used anywhere they accept Visa.