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Gilroy Gardens

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Park Tours

Park Tours are available during regular park operation, call (408) 840-7100 for schedule. Visit the Welcome Center to find free educational brochures and tour guides.  Sign up for a Docent led tour of the park or follow along on one of the following self-guided tours:

Agriculture Tour - Gilroy Gardens is located in South Santa Clara County which is a home to major agricultural cities that provide many varieties of food all over the United States and the world. The Park has designed many rides and experiences to highlight this local agricultural region. 

Gardens Tour - The Park is designed with 6 distinct Gardens for our guests to enjoy, however, the beauty and unique horticultural displays continue throughout the Park. This self-guided tour provides you with information about our Gardens and other points of interest. 

History & Culture Tour - Gilroy Gardens is not only about flowers, agriculture and trees. It is also pays homage to many historical sites in our geographical area. This tour provides information about parts of our property's themed sites that have historical ties. 

Water & Environment Tour - Water is an important resource and vital to continue life. As such, each of our six Gardens and many of our other attractions have water elements included in their design to help demonstrate the importance of this resource. This tour will provide you with detailed information of these water elements throughout the Park and information on biofiltration, the Water Cycle and groundwater.