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Gilroy Gardens

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NEW this May!

Bigger splashes. Bigger Smiles. For Bigger Kids.

Water Oasis is doubling in size.

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Water Oasis is getting bigger- but our prices are not.

Get a Value Card for the kid's price of $48 for a limited time.

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BIG Fun is Coming Your Way!

Gilroy Gardens is growing!  This Mother's Day Water Oasis is getting a whole lot bigger.  There will be bigger slides for bigger kids, bigger ways to explore and play, and a great big bucket of water to cool you (and everyone around you) off!

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42 New Play Features!

94...if you include all the new jets!

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4 New Slides!

With a combined slide path length of 384.4 feet- that's longer than a standard football field!

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Take a Sneak Peak!

Check out this cool video showing the new palm trees going in at the Water Oasis!