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Gilroy Gardens

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Bugs May Bug

Circus Tree Display

This shed has several videos, including one that teaches youngsters how to have good manners when visiting the gardens at our park and another showing how complicated it was to move the Circus Trees. In addition, you'll see our display of Circus Tree memorabilia and photographs showing some of them at a very young age up until more recent times.

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Big Trees!

Redwood Round

Learn about the wonders of the Pacific Redwood Tree. Found only in the Pacific states these big trees are an amazing sight. Using the 6-foot Redwood Tree display, which is more than 1000 years old, you will learn how all trees grow! The photo at left shows our redwood slice during re-sanding and re-varnishing.

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Leave It To The Leaves

Weather Station · Water Cycle

Visit this unique display and see how trees affect our weather, climate, and natural surroundings. In here you will find a place to view Gilroy Gardens’ local weather station which shows the park's temperature and other weather information. And the painted display on the outside wall teaches about the Water Cycle!

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Rocks On The Roll!

Geology and Seismic Activity

This shed is about the earth's geology and seismic activity—all shown through unique displays created especially for Gilroy Gardens. Learn about the three different types of rocks, the rock cycle, the park's water system and other amazing, natural things in our world!